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2017 Lecture Series:

  • Combating Human Trafficking from a Southeast Asian Periphery by Dr. Amelia Joan Liwe, (Senior Lecturer, International Relations, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), Karawaci, Indonesia and SEASSI Indonesian Language Coordinator).

  • Rethinking Equality: Legibility, Belonging, and the Politics of Marriage in Minnesota by Kong P. Pha (PhD Candidate in American Studies, University of Minnesota

  • Centering Southeast Asian Perspectives in the Teaching of Southeast Asia: A Methodology by Dr. Margaret Bodemer (History & Asian Studies California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo).

  • Music, Language, and the Aesthetics of Virtuosity by Dr. Christi-Anne Castro (Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology, and Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Michigan)

  • From the Vietnam War to the Dirty War: The Resettlement of Southeast Asian Refugees and the Politics of Cold War Humanitarianism, 1979-1985 Lecture by Dr. Sam Vong (Assistant Professor, History, University of Texas at Austin)

  • The Russian Revolution in the Eyes of a Thai Royal Lecture by Mr. Jeffrey Shane (Southeast Asia Reference Librarian, Thai Studies & History Subject Specialist; Curator of the David K. Wyatt Thai Collection; and Southeast Asian Studies Affiliated Faculty at Ohio University)


2016 Lecture Series:

  • Whatever Happened to 'Comrade'? The Politics of Gender and Development in Vietnam by Dr. Kristy Kelly (Assistant Professor of Global and International Education, Drexel University)

  • Dissonant Voices: Music and Identity in the Tagalog Zarzuelas of Early Twentieth Century Manila by Isidora Miranda (PhD candidate, Historical Musicology University of Wisconsin-Madison)

  • Smoke, Fire and Rain in Muslim Southeast Asia: Environmental Ethics in a Time of Burning by Anna M. Gade, (Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison)


2015 Lecture Series:

  • Human Trafficking in South-East Asia: Seeking Lasting Solutions by Michael Nowlin, Interim Deputy Country Director for Cambodia, Hagar International

  • To the Medical Archipelago: Stratification in Vietnam’s Health Care Sector by Dr. Martha Lincoln, Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley School of Public Health

  • Indonesian Media Ownership in the Digital Era by Dr Ross Tapsell, Lecturer in Asian Studies, The Australian National University


2014 Lecture Series:

  • Campaigning for All Indonesians: The Politics of Social Welfare in Indonesia by Eunsook Jung, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science,University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.


2013 Lecture Series:

  • Books and Book Collecting in 19th Century Vietnam by Prof. George Dutton, Associate Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, and Incoming Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Univ. of California-Los Angeles

  • Travel Writing in Southeast Asian Perspectives. by Ian Lowman (Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia, UW-Madison)

  • Reform of Economic Law in Southeast Asia: Cases from Three Countries -- Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. by John Davis (Counsel, YKVN Lawyers, Hanoi, Vietnam and Lecturer, EBA Program, Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University)


2012 Lecture Series:

  • Political Humor: The Vessantara Jataka In Historical Perspective. by Katherine Bowie (Professor, Department of Anthropology and Director, Center for SE Asian Studies)

  • "Green Islam" in Indonesia. by Prof. Anna M. Gade (Associate Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

  • The Phu Nyai Politics: Social Mobility of Ethnic Minority Students in Laos. by Dr. Manynooch Faming (Honorary Lecturer, Anthropology Research Center, Sociology Department, University of Hong Kong)

  • Indonesian Heritage Lost, Found and Sold: Reinventing Indentity-Inspired Arts in Post-Touristic Times. by Kathleen M. Adams (Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies, Loyola University Chicago)


2011 Lecture Series:

  • Rice Plus: Widows' Economic Practices in Rural Cambodia by Dr. Susan H. Lee (Senior Lecturer, Social Sciences, Boston University)

  • Interpreting an Event: The funeral of Gen. Vang Pao. by Prof. Kao-Ly Yang, Anthropology (Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, California State University-Fresno)

  • Besmirched with Blood: an Emotional History of Transnational Romance in Colonial Singapore. by Prof. Tamara Loos, (Associate Professor, History and Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University)

  • Archaeological Investigations of Vietnam’s Ancient Capital by Prof. Nam Kim, (Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology University of Wisconsin-Madison)


2010 Lecture Series:

  • Sodomy II, or what do one Mongolian model (blowed up real good), three frogs, 12 hydroelectric power plants, and millions (allegedly) of freshly-documented Filipino immigrants have to do with the political situation in Malaysia today? by Clare Boulanger

  • Thailand's Crisis (not over yet) by Prof. Thongchai Winichakul (History, UW-Madison)

  • Philiphe Binh and the Problem of Vietnamese Historical Biography by Prof. George Dutton (Associate Professor, Dept. of Asian Languages & Cultures, UCLA)

  • The Social Life of Companionable Objects: Living with Indonesian Things by Prof. Kenneth George (Anthropology, UW-Madison)


2009 Lecture Series:

  • Opium, Power, People: Anthropological Understandings of a Drug Interdiction Project in Thailand. by Prof. Kathleen Gillogly (Department of Anthropology and Sociology, UW-Parkside)

  • Policing America's Empire: Philippine Pacification and the Rise of the Surveillance State. by Prof. Alfred W. McCoy (Department of History, UW-Madison)

  • Cannibalism and Race Transformation in a Mekong Delta at War, 1945-52 . by Shawn McHale (Director, Sigur Center for Asian Studies and Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, George Washington University)

  • Holy Matrimony? The Politics of Polygamy in Indonesia. by Prof. Suzanne A Brenner (Department of Anthropology, UC-San Diego)

  • Cambodian Buddhism and Cambodian Magic - Conceiving Religion. by Prof. Erik Davis (Department of Religious Studies, Macalester College)


2008 Lecture Series:

  • Moving Costs: Internal migration in Vietnam since Doi Moi by Ian Coxhead, Professor of Agricutural and Applied Economics, UW-Madison.

  • The Price of Rice: Has globalization hurt Southeast Asia's poor? Ian Coxhead, Professor of Agricutural and Applied Economics, UW-Madison.


2007 Lecture Series:

  • Gender and Vietnam by Giang Han Tran, Fulbright Scholar of Sociology at Temple University

  • The Study of Religion and the Understanding of Southeast Asia: Three Lectures on Three Challenges by Charles Hallisey, Professor, Languages and Cultures of Asia at UW-Madison

  • Three Lectures on Politics in the Philippines by Paul Hutchcroft, Professor of Politics at UW-Madison

  • Special Lecture: Like a Paid Prison Sentence with a Good Chance of Drowning by Steve McKay, Professor of Sociology

  • Two Lectures on Globalization and Development in Southeast Asia by Ian Coxhead, Professor of Applied and Agricultural Economics at UW-Madison


2006 -"Dictatorship and Democracy in Burma" by Ian Holliday, Humanities & Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong; "Southeast Asian Theater in the 21st Century" by Evan Winnet, Theater and Dance, Macalester College

2005 - "The Ramayana" taught by Frank Smith (Khmer coordinator) and Amelia Liwe (Indonesian Coordinator)

2004 - "Islam in Southeast Asia" taught by Anna Gade (Religion, Oberlin College)


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