The list of faculty, below, is for SEASSI 2017. If you have specific questions on what will be covered during your language study at SEASSI, please contact the language coordinator for that language. In addition, many of your questions may be answered on our languages pages where you can download past syllabi and look at examples of class activities.

2018 Language Teaching Faculty

SEASSI Language Director
Dr. Ellen Rafferty
Professor Emeritus of Languages and Cultures of Asia, UW-Madison, and SEASSI Language Director
6313 Social Sciences Building, 608-263-2789

951 Van Hise Hall
Dr. San San Hnin Tun, Burmese Coordinator, stun@wisc.edu
Ms. Ei Thin Zar, Burmese Teacher, thinzar@wisc.edu
Ms. Chan Lwin, Burmese Teacher, huskie08@email.arizona.edu

1235 Van Hise Hall
Ms. Sheila Zamar, Filipino Coordinator, szamar@wisc.edu
Ms. Clemen Montero, Filipino Teacher, cmontero@wisc.edu
Dr. Arthur Casanova, Filipino Teacher, casanova_arthur@yahoo.com.ph
Ms. Isidora Miranda, Filipino Teacher, imiranda@wisc.edu

Ms. Choua Lee, Hmong Coordinator, 1236 Van Hise Hall, lee2@wisc.edu
Mr. Cheng Vang, Hmong Teacher, 1146 Van Hise Hall, yang.vang@metrostate.edu

1051 Van Hise Hall
Dr. Amelia Liwe, Indonesian Coordinator, ajliwe@wisc.edu
Ms. Nona Kurniani Norris, Indonesian Teacher, nona.norris@wisc.edu
Ms. Ika Hutami, Indonesian Teacher, hutami@wisc.edu
Ms. Peni Anggari, Indonesian Teacher, peni.anggari@gmail.com

4269 Humanities Building, 608-890-3307
Ms. Linda Chhath, Khmer Coordinator, chhath@wisc.edu

4268 Humanities Building, 608-263-1867
Dr. Samlong Inthaly, Lao Coordinator, sinthaly@wisc.edu

1251 Van Hise Hall
Dr. Patcharin Peyasantiwong, Thai Coordinator, ppeyasan@wisc.edu
Ms. Aimkamon Bunmee, Thai Teacher, aimkamon@umich.edu
Ms. Nartnatda Hope Thai Teacher, nhope@wisc.edu

4260 Humanities, 608-890-3308
Ms. Dinh Thi Hong, Vietnamese Coordinator, hdinh@wisc.edu
Ms. Diep Le, Vietnamese Teacher, ngocdiep_le@yahoo.com
Dr. Chi Nguyen, Vietnamese Teacher, chi2811@gmail.com

207 Ingraham Hall, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, 608-263-1755
Dr. Michael Cullinane, SEASSI Director, mmcullin@wisc.edu
Jinda Moore, SEASSI Program Coordinator, moore3@seasia.wisc.edu
Sakti Suryani, SEASSI Assistant Coordinator, seassi@seasia.wisc.edu
Lisey Doty, SEASSI Assistant Coordinator, seassi@seasia.wisc.edu
Betty Nen, SEASSI Assistant Coordinator, seassi@seasia.wisc.edu




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