IFLI students will earn a total of 8 credits in language learning over the course of two semesters (4 credits each) during their summer term at SEASSI, UW-Madison.

     IFLI students will earn a total of 12 credits, 8 credits in language learning and 4 credits in reading, during their fall term in Indonesia.

     For the fall term, UW-Madison's IAP Office receives transcripts for IFLI students from American Councils and converts the grades and credits into UW-Madison credits. They are then posted on each students’ study abroad account where students can review and approve them to be posted onto their UW-Madison transcripts. After they have been posted, students can contact the Registrar’s office and order their UW transcript to be sent to their home institution. At that point, it would be up to their home institution to transfer the credits as they see fit.

     Students will get both SEASSI and IFLI (summer and fall term) grades on their UW transcript, and will need to request only one copy at the end of the fall semester when they’ve been notified that their grades have been posted.


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