2018 IFLI Timeline


January 30, 2018: Deadline to apply for Boren Fellowship

February 8, 2018: Deadline to apply for Boren Scholarship

Mid-April, 2018: Awardee notifications sent by Boren

May 1, 2018: Deadline to accept or decline Boren awards (Students able to accept their award prior to the May 1 deadline are strongly encouraged to do so and to begin their visa and other program applications immediately)

May 3, 2018: Deadline to apply to University of Wisconsin-Madison (multi-step process)

May 11, 2018: Deadline to apply to International Academic Programs (IAP) for fall abroad program.
Watch for email communications from American Councils; receive registration instructions

June 1, 2018: Deadline for American Council’s full registration

June 4 - 5, 2018: Boren convocation in Washington, DC

June 18, 2018: First day of SEASSI (summer domestic classes)

June 19, 2018: IFLI orientation

Fourth week of SEASSI: End of first semester and final exams

July TBD, 2018: IFLI excursion to the Field Museum or the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

July 25-27, 2018: IFLI fall pre-departure orientation in Madison

By the end of July 2018: Work with IAP to admit IFLI students for Fall term

August 2, 2018: American Councils online reading and listening exam

August 6, 2018: Make-up date for American Councils online reading and listening exam, if needed

August 3, 2018: IFLI Domestic Program Evaluation by IFLI students (send out surveys

August 6-10, 2018: Post-summer OPIs

August 10, 2018: Last day of SEASSI (summer domestic classes)

August 11-18, 2018: Transition break from domestic to overseas program

August 19, 2018: Group Departure to Indonesia

August 21, 2018: Arrival in Indonesia

August 22-23, 2018: In-country orientation

August 24, 2018: Fall courses begin

November 22-29, 2018: Post-overseas OPI testing, exams & program evaluation

November 30, 2018: End of fall program/return to the United States, for fall participants only


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