Welcome to the Filipino section of the Heritage Language Program at SEASSI. For many of you, Filipino, the national language of the Philippines, is not new. You may have heard it spoken around your home or wherever and whenever friends and kin gather to celebrate your unique heritage and vibrantly diverse languages and cultures. And in spite of the variety of languages spoken in the room, you may have caught a phrase or two of Tagalog, now called Filipino, which undeniably stand out. And maybe you've wished you could speak it with ease and comfort with others.

And perhaps you wish you could feel perhaps more closely connected with those friends and relatives. You might ask, "is it possible? Could I ever say magandang umaga po or maraming salamat po fast enough to make them sound like one word yet amazingly smoothly, each vowel resonating loudly, clearly and distinctly?"

Yes, you can. At SEASSI, you can study Filipino at a level most fitting and most productive to you. Discover the beauty and wealth of this language, its literature and culture. Experience this on the beautiful Madison campus where a walk by the lake and woods and commune with nature can be a part of your regular course for the day.

Visit the pages on this website, and consider taking our invitation and challenge to more strongly connect with your Filipino heritage using one of the most important and versatile tools at your disposal: language. Be enriched. Live!