Intermediate Filipino at SEASSI

If you've already mastered the basics of Filipino literacy from previous study, and assuming your spoken skills are relatively strong, you could be placed in the Intermediate level class. Below is a link to a PDF file containing the calendar of class activities for the last four weeks of the Intermediate Filipino class at SEASSI 2005, to give you an idea of what is studied. Don't worry too much about which level you'll be placed into, that will be determined by an intake assessment on the first day of SEASSI.

  • Intermediate Class Schedule
  • Beginning Filipino at SEASSI

    If your spoken skills in Filipino language are quite low or non-existent, regardless of whether you possess listening skills or not, you'll most likely be placed into the Beginning Filipino class. But never fear! Progress in this class is quite rapid. Click on the link below to open a PDF in a separate browser window which will provide you with a detailed syllabus of the first four weeks of Beginning Filipino study at SEASSI.

  • Beginning Class Syllabus
  • Classroom Activity Video

    To give you a better idea of exactly what a Filipino language classroom at SEASSI looks (and sounds) like, here's a video of a classroom activity involving both Beginning and Intermediate Filipino students, from Week Two of SEASSI. Instructor Jiedson Domigpe has the students do role plays involving bargaining at the store in Filipino, after students have already received in the vocabulary and grammar needed to carry out the interactions.

  • Filipino Shopping Role-Play Video