SEASSI offers a special course for Hmong heritage learners. Many of you live with your parents and grandparents but are unable to communicate with them in their native language fluently. Many of you also want to talk to your grandparents to document their history and learn about their lives, their traditions and values.

This course offers opportunities for you to learn how to read and write Hmong using the Romanized Popular Alphabet (RPA), and to speak Hmong more clearly, formally and eloquently. Through this course, you will learn about your own family, community and cultural heritage through folktales and other literature written in Hmong, through videos, role plays and other communicative activities, and through field trips and group projects in the local Hmong community.

The design of the course also allows students to interact with family members, community elders and academic researchers in a focused and guided way to help you gain a deeper understanding of traditional Hmong culture, as well as the unique Hmong culture that has grown up in America--which you yourself helped to shape and mold--and how both of these worlds and views affect you in your daily life.