Advanced Hmong at SEASSI

If you've already mastered the basics of Hmong literacy from previous study, you could be placed in Advanced level Hmong class. Follow the link below to see a detailed syllabus of the Advanced class from 2003:

  • Advanced Class Syllabus
  • In 2004, the Advanced Hmong class focused on issues of intergenerational conflict and culture clash among Hmong Americans. After discussing these issues, students wrote, rehearsed and performed a play dealing with these issues. By following the link below, you can watch a video documenting this process which includes excerpts from class play planning sessions, rehearsals, the actual performance of the play, and comments on the whole process by students.

  • 2004 Advanced Hmong Class Play Planning and Performance
  • Intermediate Hmong at SEASSI

    In Second-Year or Intermediate Hmong, we build on your previous knowledge of the spoken language and culture to help you learn to read and write Hmong RPA efficiently and quickly. At the same time, we focus on a variety of topics relevant to your life as a Hmong American, while we also acquaint you with Hmong history and tradition in Asia. Follow the link below see the Hmong Intermediate syllabus from SEASSI 2004.

  • Intermediate Class Syllabus