Modular Study in the SEASSI Vietnamese Program

Follow the link below to a PDF document (which will open in a separate browser window) detailing all of the modules available for study in the Vietnamese program. Students must choose a minimum of four or a maximum of six modules to focus their study over the summer.

Within this modular approach, students are encouraged to meet with the Vietnamese language coordinator and teaching staff at the very beginning of the summer program to plan a detailed 20-hour schedule for each week, choosing for example to do six hours of literature, four hours of translation, two hours of culture, four hours of newspaper reading, two hours of conversation, and two hours of special group project.

It is believed that the high degree of flexibility of this new approach allows the program to meet each student's specific language needs and maximize the benefits of the eight weeks of intensive instruction for all students.

  • Description of SEASSI Vietnamese Program Modules
  • A Vietnamese Classroom Activity

    Here's an example of a typical SEASSI Vietnamese classroom activity, from 2005. Here, students read a special type of short story form limited to 100 words, discuss the story they've just read, then act it out and explain unknown vocabulary for the rest of the class. Prior to the activity, a teacher explains the process.

  • '100 Word Stories' Classroom Activity