Here you can see videos of Intermediate and Advanced SEASSI Vietnamese language students (both native and non-native speakers) and their various classroom projects at past SEASSIs, plus look at examples of written student work.

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2007 Vietnamese Program "Summer Book"

  • 2007 SEASSI Vietnamese Program Summer Book
  • This is an amazingly extensive and impressive collection of photos and words from the SEASSI 2007 Vietnamese students and teachers. It's a large document--13 Mb--but if you want to get a sense of what Vietnamese at SEASSI is like, check it out. Even if you can't read Vietnamese yet, you're guaranteed to enjoy it. The PDF will open in a separate browser window.

    2008 Vietnamese SEASSI "Culture Night" Performance

  • 2008 Vietnamese Culture Night Song (on YouTube)
  • 2005 Vietnamese "Kung Fu Movie"

  • 2005 Kung Fu Movie
  • In Summer 2005, students put together on their own (though they enlisted their instructors as actors!) an amazing video which they screened as part of their performance at the final SEASSI "Culture Night" banquet. The video is in the style of Asian kung fu "period piece" epics, and is a lot of fun to watch. However, the video also addresses highly topical current issues relating to perceptions regarding dialect differences in Vietnamese language, an issue both in the US and in Vietnam. The video's conclusion regarding the resolution of conflict over dialect differences, though light-hearted, is instructive as well.

    Students wrote, designed, videotaped and edited this video completely on their own, as a collaborative effort, and did it completely outside of class time. The language in the video nevertheless incorporates a variety of material studied in class. The video also illustrates the high level of camraderie, cooperation and devotion to language learning among Vietnamese language students at SEASSI.

    Work from the 'Creative Writing Module'

    As explained in the Curriculum section of this website, Vietnamese students can choose from among a wide variety of topic-focused modules to fit their area of interest. One module created in 2005 is the Creative Writing Module. In this module, as opposed to other modules such as Translation and Poetry, where students focus simply on understanding the structure and content of the great works of Vietnamese literature, students learn the craft of creatively expressing themselves in Vietnamese.

    Follow the links below to see examples of student writing from 2005 which were produced in this module. The works include both poetry and short stories.

  • A Short Story by a Vietnamese Heritage Student
  • Another Short Story by a Vietnamese Heritage Stduent
  • Several Poems by Vietnamese Heritage Students
  • More Poems by Vietnamese Heritage Students

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