Tuition Costs and Fees


Tuition for SEASSI is $5,000*, which is based on standard UW-Madison summer tuition rates.

SEASSI is committed to making our instruction as affordable as possible while keeping the highest quality of instruction. The cost to attend SEASSI is the same for both onsite and distance students. Please note that tuition does not include the cost of textbooks or living expenses (see section below).

New UW-Madison Students: Students who have not attended UW-Madison before will also be assessed a one-time document fee of $130, which covers the cost of future transcript requests. Note: This fee will not be covered by funding opportunities such as FLAS or the WISLI/SEASSI/SEALC Tuition Scholarships.

International Students: May incur additional fees (such as the international services fee and/or an international tuition fee). Note: These fees will not be covered by funding opportunities such as the WISLI/SEASSI/SEALC Tuition Scholarships. Please review the WISLI international students page carefully and feel free to view this international services fee infographic for more information. If you have questions, please reach out to either the International Student Services office ( and/or the Bursar’s office (

SEASSI Application Fee: All applicants must pay the $25 non-refundable application fee to be considered for admittance.

It is our goal to make SEASSI as affordable as possible. If the application fee or new student document fee are a hardship, please reach out to to discuss your case.

Scholarship opportunities exist! We encourage students to apply for financial aid to attend SEASSI.

After being admitted to SEASSI and registering for summer classes at UW-Madison, students receive an electronic tuition bill from the Bursar’s Office. Payments are made directly to the Bursar, via check, electronic bank transfer or credit card. The tuition payment deadline is listed on the email bill – there is a $100 fee for late tuition payments.

WISLI summer language institutes, which includes SEASSI, do not accept Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Grants, but encourage students to attend on their own or using other sources of funding. 

*Exception: Current UW-Madison undergraduates who are classified as resident or Minnesota reciprocity for tuition purposes follow the regular UW-Madison summer fee schedule. If one of these categories applies to you, please let us as soon as possible so that SEASSI can ensure that you are charged the correct tuition amount.

When is Tuition Due?

Please see the Bursar’s Office page for Summer tuition due dates.

Important things to remember:

  • Student bills will be accessible through your MyUW account (opens in new tab then click the ‘Financial’ tab). Payment is done through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of the Registrar Bursar’s Office. If you have questions regarding payment procedures, deadlines, and notifications, the office can be reached directly at: You may also contact Student Accounts and Cashiering at (608) 262-3611.
  • Segregated Fees grant access to the campus gyms, libraries, free student bus pass, university health center (not health insurance), and purchasing beverages at the student union.
  • SEASSI is an 8-week session and all students must enroll for the full session. All students will be billed for the full 8-week session at the start of SEASSI and no refunds will be issued after the first Friday of classes.
  • SEASSI does not allow students to audit courses.
  • SEASSI does not accept Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Grants.
  • If someone will be sponsoring you to attend SEASSI (i.e. paying your tuition), please visit the Third-Party Payments page.
  • SEASSI tuition does not include external fees for room and board. (see ‘Housing, Books, and Incidentals’ section below)


SEASSI offers non-standard courses, and some of our policies differ from those of UW-Madison, specifically those relating to course drop and refund deadlines.  Please read the information below and contact us prior to the start of the program with any questions.

  • Though SEASSI spans two semesters of classes, all tuition payments and refunds are processed during the first week of the first semester of the program.
  • No tuition/fee refunds will be issued after the first Friday of classes. Through the first Friday of classes, SEASSI will honor a 100% refund. As of the first Saturday of the program, no further refunds will be issued.
  • Students must receive a passing grade in their first semester at SEASSI (in either a 1st, 3rd, or 5th semester course) in order to move to the second half of the program. No refunds will be issued for students missing a portion of the program due to academic dismissal.
  • SEASSI does not issue refunds on the $25 application fee except in the case where the class applied to was cancelled by SEASSI.
  • All payments for program fees are due to the University of Wisconsin-Madison by the due date set by the Bursar’s Office.
  • If a student encounters an emergency and must leave SEASSI, they must contact SEASSI administration before leaving, or may lose all of the program fee.

It is the student’s responsibility to understand these policies. If you have any questions about refunds or payments, please contact the SEASSI office

Housing, Books, Incidentals

The cost of required textbooks will vary between the different languages offered at SEASSI, but students should plan to spend roughly $150 for textbooks. Summer housing can vary greatly in the Madison campus area. Please see the Housing Options in Madison page for more information on summer housing in Madison, and also the Financial Aid page for additional funding opportunities at SEASSI.