Wisconsin in Washington Application Deadline

This event has passed.

Spaces remain available for the Spring 2024 Wisconsin in Washington Program cohort!

The application deadline has been extended to Friday September 29, 2023.  Students are encouraged to apply!

As a friendly reminder, all student participants in the Spring 2024 Wisconsin in Washington program will receive a guaranteed scholarship of $5,000. Depending on students’ FAFSA, up to $8,000 scholarships may be awarded.

This scholarship funding is available from IAP specifically for students who participate in the Spring 2024 semester of the Wisconsin in Washington program.

Additionally, IAP administered scholarships for winter, spring, and calendar year programs are open in WISH, and will be due September 25.  We encourage students to apply to all scholarships where they meet the eligibility requirements, to maximize their opportunities for funding support.

This semester, in addition to several students interning in Congress, they are in federal agencies from the Dept of Commerce to the White House, and in non-profits focusing on a range of domestic and international topics, as well as political and legal organizations, a union and in the private sector.

If you have questions on the program application process or scholarships, please feel free to get in touch with: Sara Lieburn (Make an appointment with Sara Lieburn, or email sara.lieburn@wisc.edu).