*The information below is from summer 2022. An updated faculty list for 2023 will be released soon.*

If you have specific questions on what will be covered during your language study at SEASSI, please contact the language coordinator for that language. In addition, many of your questions may be answered on our Course Syllabi page where you can download past syllabi and look at examples of class activities.

2022 Language Teaching Faculty

Photo of Dr. Erlin Barnard


Dr. Erlin Barnard, SEASSI Language Director
Pedagogy Coordinator for Less-Commonly Taught Languages, UW-Madison, and SEASSI Language Director


Dr. San San Hnin Tun, Burmese Coordinator stun@wisc.edu
Maw Maw Tun, Burmese Teacher mtun@wisc.edu
Hnin Lae Yee, Burmese Teacher hyee3@wisc.edu

Irene Gonzaga, Filipino Coordinator igonzaga@wisc.edu 
Precious Arao, Filipino Teacher pbarao@wisc.edu


Choua Lee, Hmong Teacher lee2@wisc.edu


Indonesian & Javanese
Sakti Suryani, Indonesian Coordinator suryani@wisc.edu
Dr. E. Arti Wulandari, Indonesian Teacher wulandari@wisc.edu
Sapta Abimanyu, Indonesian Teacher
Badariyah, Indonesian FLTA badariyah@wisc.edu


Vathanak Sok, Khmer Coordinator vsok2@wisc.edu
Nielson Hul, Khmer Teacher nhul@wisc.edu


Dr. Samlong Inthaly, Lao Teacher


Dr. Janpanit Surasin, Thai Coordinator surasin@wisc.edu
Supatra Chowchuvech, Thai Teacher schowchuvech@wisc.edu
Nattaporn Luangpipat, Thai Teacher luangpipat@wisc.edu


Hong Thi Dinh, Vietnamese Coordinator hdinh@wisc.edu
Dr. Diep Le, Vietnamese Teacher dnle2@wisc.edu
Huong Nguyen, Vietnamese Teacher