Housing Options in Madison

There are number of housing options available to SEASSI students, including on-campus dormitory dorms, privately owned dormitory rooms and privately owned apartment rentals. Each offers a different mix of convenience, affordability, and flexibility. There are only a limited number of on-campus dorm rooms, but there are usually plenty of off-campus apartment rooms for sublease.

On campus housing

In summer 2020, Kronshage Hall will be completely reserved for students taking classes for academic credit. It will be available to SEASSI participants for summer on a first come, first served basis through the University Residence Halls. Room rates range from $1155 to $1375. More information and an application form can be downloaded at the University Residence Halls website. Housing contracts are offered based on date of application. Dining Service is not provided as each hall is equipped with a shared kitchen facility that students are able to use. Residents must bring their own cooking utensils, dishes, and silverware. Cash dining options are available at a variety of locations on campus when dining facilities are open.

Privately Owned Dormitory Rooms

Private residence halls are residence hall (dormitory) living arrangements that are owned and operated by the private sector. Application procedures and lease agreements are solely the responsibility of the student renter, not the University. Many include a meal plan. For information on Private Residence Halls in Madison, write or call the halls directly. Applications are not available through the mail from the SEASSI Office or the UW-Madison Campus and Visitor Relations office. Below is a list of some of the most popular private dorms in Madison as well as a link to a map showing you their locations. Click on the name of the dorms you may be interested in to find out more information.

Highlander House
The Statesider
The Towers on State

Privately Owned Apartment Rentals

The UW-Madison Campus Area Housing page has a convenient search engine where you can search for off-campus rental housing (sublets). The website has online listings of privately owned apartments, houses and rooms for sub-lease, as well as consumer rental information. For further information, call UW-Madison Campus and Visitor Relations at (608) 263-2400. Please be aware that most off-campus students either walk, bike, or bus to campus.

Other Avenues

Students who have been admitted to SEASSI will be provided information regarding a closed Facebook group created for their cohort, and may request to be added to the group. This group is intended to facilitate SEASSI community building, roommate and housing arrangements, and planning of social activities outside of class.

Finally, if you check out Madison Craigslist and Facebook, there are many postings for available summer sublets as well.

Please be aware that SEASSI cannot be held responsible for any sublet or rental agreements made through any aforementioned resource. However, we are happy to help when we can.