Javanese Gamelan

Gamelan is a term that refers to a musical orchestra, consisting principally of gongs (large hanging gongs, large kettle gongs, and small kettle gongs), bronze keyed instruments, as well as a variety of other instruments. Gamelan orchestras are indigenous to both Malaysia and many islands of Indonesia.

Occasionally, SEASSI offers a one-credit course music performance class in Javanese gamelan in which SEASSI students can enroll at no additional cost. This course is only offered when personnel and sufficient funding are available. A maximum of 20 SEASSI students can enroll in the course. Beginning and experienced gamelan students are welcome to apply. The aim is to have roughly equal numbers of beginning and experienced gamelan players taking the course. The class requires a substantial time commitment.

On the first day of SEASSI, during the orientation session, SEASSI staff will collect the names of all the students interested in taking this course. We will then make a schedule for the course.

*Gamelan is not expected to be offered in 2023

A group of people play Javanese instruments
Javanese gamelan performance